Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don't make me call 9-1-1!

Over the weekend, I had the unique opportunity of calling 9-1-1. Twice. Sounds cool, huh? Let me explain...

On Saturday morning, I was awoke about 4:50am when my power went out. Now I'm not one for warm, stagnant air, so it didn't take me long to wander away from the house in hopes that the electricity would soon return. As I drove around town killing time, I heard a "bang". As I looked to my right, I noticed an SUV, tires spinning, smoke starting to flow, and a driver slumped over. Without hesitation I called 9-1-1.

As it turns out, this driver was drunk. He apparently coasted through the parking lot, past the gas pumps (fortunately), and right into a pole. Katy PD sent 3 of their finest to help escort this man away in cuffs for his inebriated act.

Later on in the evening, while on our way to the county fair, Haley & I found ourselves following behind a distracted driver on the highway. This guy was weaving all over, from the center lane to the grassy shoulder, he couldn't keep it between the lines. So again, 9-1-1... We followed this vehicle as long as we could and updated the authorities in hopes of helping avoid an accident. We don't know the exact outcome of this situation, as we had to exit the road, but we hope the police caught up with this guy...

Now, I'm not sharing this to get attention for calling 9-1-1. In fact, if anything, I share this in an attempt to warn other drivers of 2 things:

1. Please do NOT drive under the influence. Not of drug, alcohol, or gadget. The roads are dangerous enough without you being less than your best. And...

2. Should you so decide to ignore my above plea, please know that if I see you being a danger on the road, I have absolutely no problem calling my friends at 9-1-1 about you. Call me a stick in the mud if you want, but the safety of me & my family/friends is far too important to take lightly.

Please, please be a cautious driver. Do not place others at risk by making a foolish choice to drive impaired or distracted.

Thanks. Really.

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