Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pallets, Pallets Everywhere!

Over the last few weeks, my coworker Steve and I have been busy building furniture out of one of my favorite materials... pallets! You see, one of my jobs is as a Communications specialist for the Missions Team at Grace Fellowship UMC in Katy, TX. Among other duties, I get to dream big and outside of the box for various projects. This included the visioneering for Nations Sunday, a huge missions oriented Sunday service at the church. And that my friends, is where the pallets come in!

Our task was to creatively build & decorate a space with the purpose of showcasing the various mission trips that Grace Fellowshippers could participate in during 2014. We wanted something more than the normal white folding table with a binder of photos. We wanted something thematic. Something raw & interesting. And that is exactly what a pallet is. Its a simple combination of wood strips, held together by nails. Its purpose is to support something of greater value as it goes out into the world. Its a piece of packing/shipping toolage. And it is a perfect piece for us to begin with as we dreamed about how to decorate the space we had.

We (I use that term loosely, as Steve did most of the work) built 20 pallet counter height tables, 10 wooden backdrops, a 30' x 8' pallet wall, and a central info desk. Then teams of great volunteers began to fill in the empty spaces with fabrics, picture frames, carpets, and display materials. In the end, it was a beautifully decorated space. The teamwork that went into this event build out was amazing to be a part of. Huge "GREAT JOBs!"go out to Steve, Arthur, Johnny & the many volunteers who helped get everything together.

Steve & Arthur hard at work on the pallet furniture.

Colombia Mission Trip :: Medical Missions - Summer 2014
Disaster Relief Trailer :: Moore, OK Trip - March 2014

It is one of my personal beliefs that as a Christ-follower, the work we do should be done with excellence. Scripture tells us that we ought to work as though working for the Lord himself, and that is exactly why we went to such efforts for Nations Sunday. Surely we could have had the bare bones necessities and functionally completed the day, but there is something exciting, infectious even about putting your heart into a display. When you work with passion toward a goal of excellence, you will gather the attention of those around you. So whether you are working on a work, school, or fun project, give it 110% and share your passion with those around you. You just never know who might become involved and join you on your mission.

For more information about missions via Grace Fellowship / Nations Sunday, click here.

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