Saturday, October 5, 2013

Past Project Post :: Vintage Window Coffee Table

Back in April, Haley & I spent an afternoon visiting a small antique/junk shop in a small town just west of Houston. While there, we happened upon a couple vintage, reclaimed windows, perfect for a project! This is what I ended up with...

After returning home, I began by cleaning away the old caulking and scraping the windows clean. Next, I decided to use my window to make a unique coffee table. With a quick trip to Home Depot, and about $30 in materials, I made quick work on the box frame. A few finish nails and a coat of paint later, this was the finished product:

I absolutely love how the table turned out. It was a fun piece to build, and definitely a project that any novice could accomplish. Don't be afraid to get out in your workshop/garage and get creative. You never know what you will end up with!

Reclaimed Wood-Framed Windows

Cleaning The Window

Framing Out The Box


Painting The Legs

Painting The Window

Trim Paint

Hinged Top 


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